Things to Avoid When Writing MBA Dissertation and Business CV

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Writing your dissertation seems like you must catch up on your first day of university. However, three or four years have passed, graduation is approaching, and the last hurdle is a complex MBA dissertation. The same challenge can happen when writing a professional CV upon completing your studies and searching for opportunities to look for a rewarding job. The overall procedure will go much more smoothly if you avoid these common but preventable mistakes—take notes!

Dissertation Mistakes to Avoid

  • Broad or narrow topic selection: Broad topics are one of the easiest dissertation faults to make early on. A dissertation should be narrow to fully investigate the problem. Too broad a title inhibits deep exploration to fulfill the criteria. Due to a lack of pre-published studies, narrowing a topic makes writing a literature review challenging.
  • Boring topic choice: According to writers from professional MBA Dissertation Writing in Dubai, it takes months to read, write, and rewrite your dissertation topic, so choose one you’ll enjoy during your final year. Why bother if you’re not interested? No one will write this for you, so pick a topic.
  • Untimely start: Late starters can’t make up time. Start as soon as you can, but only after researching and understanding your topic, as dissertations take months to write. Graduate students must be proactive in dissertation writing.
  • Research before writing: Read thoroughly before writing. A lot. Study your topic by reading, taking notes, making mind maps, and watching videos. Writing requires thorough knowledge therefore reading prepares you.
  • No chapter cross-referencing: To tie your dissertation together, mention all chapters, like a book cites characters from Chapter 1 in Chapters 3 and 7, Chapters 9 and 12, etc. Your data analysis can simply compare your findings to previous studies in your literature review. Academics love it!
  • Overusing jargon: University students master writing sophisticated, eloquent papers with course-specific technical vocabulary by senior year. Writing a dissertation in clear English without jargon was advised. Reduce the complexity of your dissertation if someone who doesn’t comprehend your issue can’t read it.
  • Not asking respondents during data collection: Your dissertation should be a thorough examination with more than superficial findings. Unless you thoroughly study respondents when gathering data, you won’t have enough knowledge to draw conclusions, reducing your analysis chapter marks, instead of asking what, ask why when collecting data. This clarifies their thinking and improves academic analysis. More information is better!

Business CV Faults to Prevent

  • Making a generic CV: Generic CVs are ignored by most employers. Recruiters want personalized CVs that show why the candidate is qualified for the job based on past accomplishments.
  • Typos, grammar, and spelling errors: These mistakes are avoidable and convey carelessness, which is not what you want to show a potential employer.
  • Odd designs and fonts: CVs with strange fonts, colored paper, or quirky designs are occasionally seen. We think these will make your CV stand out for the wrong reasons.
  • Lacking career details: Your CV must show a hiring manager what you accomplished in your past employment and how it applies to the job you’re applying for. Describe how you implemented a new method and the results you achieved.
  • Too much text: Bullet points are ideal for highlighting accomplishments and skills. Long words and intricate sentences on your CV may make it harder for your potential employer to understand your accomplishments. For professional support, it is highly recommended to seek guidance from reliable Business CV Writing in Sharjah.
  • Incorrect contact info: There are a few things more aggravating for a prospective employer than having a terrific CV but being unable to reach the person listed.